Welcome to the world of Mydial!

This campaign is currently being produced by a husband and wife team as a world where dragon riders are common player characters.

Mydial was created by the gods as a world where Bahamut and Taimat can settle their differences and stop destroying the original world. The other gods created and populated the world with many different races and Bahamut and Tiamat brought their dragons to finally decide who should dominate the other. During its creation, however, the rival pair becomes horrified at the rate at which their dragon followers are destroying each other and agree, through a pact called the immortal vow, that they will not influence the world without the others consent at the risk of loosing their god status and powers.

This sets up a world where the traditional pantheon of gods has little power over what happens in the world. Characters like Paladins and Clerics can still draw power from their deities but their gods cannot directly influence the events happening in this world.

In the world of Mydial, the task of overseeing the interactions of all the different races and countries falls to the Dragon Legion; a military community of dragons and riders. The Dragon Legion operates outside of the laws of any country or culture to distribute justice and foster peace amongst all the peoples of Mydial.

We have created rules for creating a dragon mount and some more specific flight rules in addition to the ‘fourth action’ the Dragon action.