History of Mydial

Immortal Contempt

Immortal Vow

The First Bonding

Time line of Mydial History

Year 0 – The pantheon of gods creates a plane separate from the mortal world where Bahamut and Tiamat are supposed to settle their differences

Unknown date: Bahamut and Tiamat form the world into Mydial and populate it with their dragon children after forging the Immortal Vow.

Year 8246 – After generations of draconic wars, Bahamut and Tiamat bring together the other gods to transplant the other races of the original world to Mydial in hopes that will stem the tide of their children’s destruction and rage.

Year 8301 – Kirdrakzn and Fafne meet and form the first dragon bond.

Year 8389 – Kirdrakzn and Fafne, after years of battle with the waring dragon factions, form the Dragon Legion to beat down the troublesome dragon hordes into a tenuous peace.

Year 10523 – After many centuries of troubled peace, the Dragon legion had grown and extends across the continent providing justice to all of Mydial. Life goes on much as it has for many generations. Dragon legion initiates are plentiful and excellent in their training. One particularly promising group of initiates is nearing the completion of their training and ready to undergo their final test.

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Year 10524 – In a catastrophic event, a huge meteor collides with the planet causing immense amounts of damage and the loss of the entire ruling Council (the Council of Ancients) of the Dragon Legion. A few reluctant and only recently recruited Legionnaires set out to provide aid and rescue to the citizens of Mydial.

Year 10525 Summer – During the fall, a high ranking Legionnaire named Tyr and his dragon, Ryx are both severely injured by chunks of the meteor. They now form the head of the Council of Ancients but seem to be infected with a kind of corruption stemming from the injuries inflicted on them by the meteor. Tyr is slowly loosing his grasp on sanity and seems to be becoming subtly mind controlled by a otherworldly force.

Year 10525 Fall – The group of adventurers, after being mislead by multiple legion messengers, come face to face with Tyr and Ryx, and Andromeda and her dragon. Andromeda and Tyr have been supplying conflicting legion orders through out the entire adventure. The adventurers must choose whom to follow; Tyr or Andromeda, and face the consequences of their actions.

In the culminating battle between the Corrupted Tyr, who rants non-stop during the battle about the power of Io, is defeated initially but then, while the adventurers are recovering, rises again as an Avatar of the Corrupted Io with immense power. Only after the dearly won battle does Tyr and Ryx finally rest in relative peace. The adventurers have finally reclaimed the wayward Dragon Legion with a promising heir to the Council of Ancients. But! what will they do about the fallen meteor fragments slowly corrupting their world?

History of Mydial

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